Child Protection and Safe Guarding




Child Protection and Safeguarding

Here you can find out about child protection and what to do if you are concerned about possible child safeguarding issues.

Our child safeguarding lead GP is Dr Anthony Nguyen.

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If you are concerned about child safeguarding and protection please visit the NSPCC website

The following is an extract from their website:

Our approach to what we do

The NSPCC is inspired by a belief that we can make a difference for all children. That's why we aim to end cruelty to children in the UK. Even if it takes many generations to realise it, we achieve much more for children by having this inspirational vision.


The way we work

The NSPCC needs to deliver the biggest impact it can, but our limited resources are only a fraction of the government and voluntary sector's budget for children.

So all of our service, advice, support, campaigning and education activities are driven by these four principles:

  • focus on areas in which we can make the biggest difference
  • prioritise the children who are most at rise
  • learn what works best for them
  • create leverage for change.

When we have an idea we think will reduce harm to children, we test it. We measure it carefully to ensure that it works. If it does we tell others, in order to make sure that these new ideas and services are taken up by them to help other children.


Our priorities

The NSPCC's local services will concentrate on seven important issues and groups of children most at risk:

  • those who experience neglect
  • physical abuse in high-risk families (those families with violent adults, alcohol and drug abuse and mental health issues
  • those who experience sexual abuse
  • children under the age of one
  • disabled children
  • children from certain black and minority ethnic (BME) communities
  • looked after children.

Putting it into practice

When we have an idea to reduce harm to children, we will test it. We'll measure it to ensure it works. If it does, we'll do everything we can to make sure that these new ideas and services are taken up to help other children.

To help end cruelty to children in the UK we:

  • create and deliver the services that are most effective at protecting children
  • provide advice and support for adults and professionals worried about a child
  • work with organisations to ensure they effectively protect children - and challenge those who do not
  • campaign for changes to legislation, policy and practice in order to keep children safe.

Leicestershire and Rutland Local Safeguarding Children Board

This organisation provides a huge amount of resources in relation to safeguarding children. It is a resource that can be used for doctors and Parents a like. It discusses the different types of issues that can be related to safeguarding children.